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Suzhou Fengbei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the field of comprehensive utilization of waste resources, which mainly produces resource products from waste oil. Based on long-term research and development investment and industrial practice, the company has continuously expanded the depth and breadth of comprehensive utilization of waste oil and oil resources, forming a waste resource recycling industry chain of "waste oil - biofuel (biodiesel) - bio-based materials". In addition, the company also relies on its own oil comprehensive utilization of core technology and channel advantages to provide customers with oil chemicals.
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Methyl Oleate1192
Methyl Oleate1107
Anti-caking agent powder
Anti-caking agent oil agent
Vegetable oil
Low voc plant solvent oil
Agent For Preparations
Epoxy Soybean oil
Methylated vegetable oil
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