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Our company was awarded China Jiangsu SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Winner

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2015/7/29 21:31:22 Hits:1701
  May 18 to 19, 2015 China Jiangsu SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Suzhou New District. After nearly two days of intense competition, the company won the contest prize.
       Through the early companies to declare the contest, local recommendation, the expert review to determine the final number, the selection of more than 200 companies from the province's 51 innovation and entrepreneurship in the outstanding performance of players for the final spot. Finals with live demonstrations, fashion expert comments and questions will be reply. Site assessment team score based on the feasibility of the business plan, innovative products and services, future market prospects, financial and financing program, the overall performance of the site, and ultimately selected the 30 "2015 China Jiangsu SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" best players .
      The participating companies have industry new, innovative and strong features, and industrial areas where the vast majority of the participants are companies emerging industries, involving new energy, new materials, biotechnology and new medicine, environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries. Data show that Jiangsu has 1.77 million small and micro enterprises, the number of ranking first in the country, small and medium enterprises in promoting economic growth, increasing employment opportunities, promote technological innovation, improve people's livelihood has played an important role.
       Compared with previous years, in addition to project quality has been greatly improved, this year is also generally higher level players. 51 finalists in more than 60% are master's degree or above, Ph.D., postdoctoral and other common, of which there are many players have overseas study and work experience. Obtain recognition of outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship projects will be included in the national and SME development funds, development funds, new technologies and products to promote the project library, the same conditions relating to provincial priority funding; at the same time, priority and venture capital, banks and other institutions financing docking. Contest organizer Hi-tech Zone held simultaneously with "Suzhou New District SMESA" inauguration ceremony.

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