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Midday Share - Gay military career, skillfully teach "female self-defense"

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2015/7/29 21:37:08 Hits:2627
  We have a proud name proud - female. It seems to be a "female" character, meaning delicate and tender; and a "soldier", which was given its bold and brave. It has been such praise, female, the girl's gentle, beautiful and rugged warrior, mighty rolled into one.
        I had such a beautiful, strong, valiant retired female! Midday sharing time, she share with you two years of military life. She, who served in the PLA Air Force, two traffic soldiers trained military life is not the same for her. Hard training, high morale, a strong sense of responsibility and sense of honor, nei tenacity, deeply shocked our hearts, let us be more grateful, progressive attitude to meet future life and work.
"Women's self-defense," the practical exercise, it is the shared will to a climax. The whole process of learning to teach, we enthusiastically interactive, lively atmosphere, in a relaxed more quickly mastered the trick simple and practical self-defense, benefit.